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Debtfreegrad -
Sponsorship and Advertising Policy is a free site for all to use. To provide this service free we rely on donations and revenue, that comes from donors. We would, of course, love to offer this without having ads, but we need revenue to pay for development, hosting fees, marketing material, and coffee for staff when they are working through the night to meet deadlines.

We do not endorse the advertisers and sponsors that appear on our site, however we are selective about who is involved in We try to have companies that offer good value to students, are reliable and whom we feel have integrity. Hence, you will not see tobacco companies on our site, as we feel that using "integrity" and "Tobacco Company" in the same sentence would be like using "Bill Clinton" and "fidelity" in the same phrase!

We also bring on sponsers and advertisers whom we feel are solution providers rather than, those simply trying to make quick buck off students. We do, for example, have computer sellers and long distance providers on board. We do not have credit card venders in that to do so we feel would run contrary to the message that we are trying to get across.

It is important to note that the advertisers and sponsors appearing on debtfreegrad do not have editorial influence on our content. It may be that they have a product or service that fares well in one of our reviews or articles, but it is because the product or service stands on itís own. In order to retain neutrality when reviewing products, we also tend to highlight a couple of them that we feel offer good value, and let the reader decide on which is best for them. What often happens is that we will do a feature story and see that one companyís product or service, appears to present good value, in which case we may approach them regarding supporting our site.

If you have a bad experience with a company appearing on our site, let us know and we will look into it.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us at:


Murray Baker
Questions? Comments? Suggestions for The MoneyRunner? Write to us at