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Eigth Edition

May 2001


moneyrunner title

On the Road Again
Getting the wheel-deal on bikes

Whether you're trekking cross-country, thrashing down mountainsides, or seeking even bigger thrills…dodging city drivers, your bike purchase can potentially bring your finances to a screeching halt. But a good bike far from derailing your budget can actually set you back much less than you actually thought. We'll tell you how to get the best bike for your buck, along with some buying potholes to watch out for along the way.

Risky Business
Choosing the investments that are right for you

Seems like everyone has an investment that will make you rich. But how do you know if the investment suits the person it is supposed to?…. namely you! Many investors end up losing money simply because they got into investments that didn't fit with their tolerance for risk, time horizon, or goals and expectations. So before plunking any of your hard-earned money down, determine the investing style and approach that works for you. We've got some tips and guidelines to help you decide.

Money on the Table
Tips for the tipped

Perhaps no other job besides retail employs more students than the food and beverage industry. However, how much cash you leave the table with can vary radically. Where, when and how well you wait tables can all make a difference in what appears on your financial menu. We've got some tips to help ensure your wait job leaves you financially full.

Trivia Question

In the restaurant business, "tips" stands for ...


Speaking of Money…
Jim Allard Broadcast Journalism Scholarship

Field of Schemes:
Favorite tricks of the infomercial

Thirsty Something's, Simple and Cheap:
No sweat refreshments when the heat is on

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